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[Shona] Joshua

[Shona] Joshua's Conquest

Was it moral? What does it say to us today?

62 pages, booklet |  ISBN:   |  UK £3.50

This is a book for reading, rather than a commentary. Its aim is to bring out the spiritual message of Joshua for today, and also to explain some of the 'problem' portions and passages which evoke questions. Details....

[Shona] The Baptist Confession of Faith 1689

[Shona] The Baptist Confession of Faith 1689

42 pages, booklet |  ISBN: 9781111303679  |  UK £1.25

This brilliant summary of doctrine (in the same family as the Westminster Confession), with its invaluable proof texts, is here gently modernised in punctuation. Explanations of difficult phrases have been added in italic brackets. A brief history of the Confession, with an index, is included. Details....

[Shona] How to Seek and Find the Lord

[Shona] How to Seek and Find the Lord

12 pages, booklet |  ISBN:   |  UK £0.50

Intended for seekers, emphasises that there is only one way of salvation, and explains the kind of belief which brings one to find the Lord. Details....

[Shona] Remember the Lord

[Shona] Remember the Lord's Day

38 pages, paperback |  ISBN:   |  UK £

Why was the sabbath day instituted by the Lord, and does it continue now as the Lord’s Day? If so, in what way has it changed with the coming of Christ? Details....

[Shona] Stand for the Truth

[Shona] Stand for the Truth

42 pages, paperback |  ISBN:   |  UK £

This gives the biblical arguments for separation from false teaching, showing the positive value of this. Details....

[Shona] The Purposes of the Lord

[Shona] The Purposes of the Lord's Supper

28 pages, paperback |  ISBN:   |  UK £

 The Saviour calls His people to regularly observe His Supper. But do we have a clear awareness of all that the Lord’s Supper means? Details....

[Shona] Vanity of Vanities

[Shona] Vanity of Vanities

The Emptiness of Life without God

16 pages, booklet |  ISBN:   |  UK £

Presents the experience of King Solomon, who experimented with every conceivable kind of pleasure, and concluded that life is pointless and predictable, unless people seek and find the Lord God, and know His power and guidance in their lives. Details....

[Shona] What you should know about your conscience

[Shona] What you should know about your conscience

21 pages, booklet |  ISBN:   |  UK £

What is the mysterious faculty of conscience, and how does it function? What happens when it is abused, or attempts are made to reprogramme it? Points to the only way of `purging' the conscience. Easy reading and evangelistic. Details....

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