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The Lesson for Life scheme centres round Sunday School lessons with a distinctive challenge for young people growing up in times of apostasy and gross immorality. Four books of lessons cover a 4-year period.

These lessons allow the Word of God to speak powerfully to the world of the young, pressing home to their hearts the great arguments and appeals of the Gospel.

To the author, it is the present world order which is shallow, powerless and passing, and it is conversion to Christ which alone has point and purpose for life and eternity.

Proved in Sunday Schools large and small in some of London's toughest communities, these lessons are favourites with churches that want soul-winning to be the keynote of their Sunday School ministry. They also provide a memorable view of all the major events and doctrines of the Bible, and are supplemented by visual aid suggestions.

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Jill Masters - who received early experience as a professional teacher of teenagers - has given much of her life to the work and promotion of children's Sunday Schools. As a pastor's wife she commenced and operated a Sunday School for seven years, before taking responsibility for the Sunday School of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, which in three decades has become one of Britain's largest. Mrs Masters is well-known as a speaker to gatherings of Sunday School teachers.

      Lessons For Life - Volume 1 
      Lessons For Life - Volume 2
      Lessons For Life - Volume 3
      Lessons For Life - Volume 4

      Each volume comes with
      visual aid suggestions. In
      addition, a series of full-
      colour visual aids accompany 
      Lessons for Life books,
      devised by Jill Masters and
      Andrew Owen



Each lesson has two or three 42cm x 30cm (A3) superb gloss card sheets of pictures, cut-out words, and in some cases ingenious clip-together displays, to captivate the curiosity and interest of children. Packs contain over 90 sheets (with easy-assembly instructions). Top-quality professional artwork serves to make these aids compelling to a generation of children accustomed to sophisticated graphics.

(None of the visual aids contain pictures of the Lord.)

They are printed on robust 200 and 250gm gloss card and should stand up to use over repeated four-year syllabus cycles. The cost of a year's visuals is below the cost of most other Sunday School systems, yet they are of exceptionally high quality.


Sunday School HymnBook

Selected by Jill Masters, author of Lessons for Life Sunday School lesson notes, this hymnbook was originally conceived for Britain’s largest Sunday School at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London.

Nothing matches the traditional genre of hymn and chorus writing for spiritual accuracy, clarity, reverence and quality. Many of these songs of worship have lived on in the memories of children even to old age, serving as beacon lights of saving truth. May they continue to sow and keep the message of God’s Word in the minds of many more young people.

This compilation contains 97 hymns and 99 choruses, placed in spiritual categories. This volume contains both words and music. 
Our Own Hymnbook - Words Only

Also available : An edition with  words only. 

Pdf files with the words are available for free download for enlargement or projection by Sunday School. 

PDF - Choruses      PDF - Hymns

Building an Outreach Sunday School

Building an Outreach Sunday SchoolThis practical manual for the starting, enlargement and operation of Sunday Schools incorporates years of experience from one who has pioneered Sunday School work in a new town, and has been central for many years to the growth of Britain's largest Sunday School in the heart of London.

This manual teems with information and tips which will help small as well as large Schools, but the transparent aim is to encourage the greatest growth possible, in gathering teenagers and children under the sound of the Word.

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The Necessity of Sunday Schools

The Necessity of Sunday SchoolsA clarion call for evangelistic Sunday Schools, in which the churches take 'total neighbourhood responsibility' for the rising generation. Here is invincible proof that the Bible commands child evangelism, with much advice for the enlargement and operation of Sunday Schools. Some evangelicals say that the Sunday School has no biblical warrant. Here is the reply to this idea.

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