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[Spanish] Your Reasonable Service in the Lord

[Spanish] Your Reasonable Service in the Lord's Work

How much do present-day Bible-believing congregations resemble those of the New Testament? Do we reflect the fervour and activity of the early church? This booklet deals with one major area in which we often fall a long way short of the standard of the Bible. It is a sad fact that there are many Bible-believing Christians who do not engage in any meaningful work for the Lord. They loyally attend the services, and may give fairly generous financial support, but they do very little.

With these words the author introduces this review of the great exhortation to Christian service found throughout the epistles. He focuses on the four words used most to describe service, explaining their full meaning. Here is a challenging and persuasive call to all who love the Lord.

UK £1.50

26 pages, booklet  |   ISBN: 978 1 899046 68 3

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