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[Russian] Classic Counsels

[Russian] Classic Counsels

A selection of edited messages suitable for our time. Some were originally given to the Tabernacle Prayer Meeting, and are missed by other selections of Spurgeon sermons. Topics included are: obtaining certain assurance; help for doubting seekers; encouraging outsiders and advising seekers; relief for the downcast; developing faith; the Christian and places of entertainment; and others.

Table of Contents
1. Certain Assurance for Believers
Pearls of Evidence for Faith
2. Assurance for Doubting Seekers
Waiting for Signs and Wonders
3. Clear Away the Obstacles!
Advising 'Outsiders' and Seekers
4. The Valley of the Shadow of Death
Sure Relief for Every Downcast Believer
5. Young Believers and Spiritual Food
How Converts are Sustained in Life
6. The Pinnavle of Faith
The Example in the Offering up of Isaac
7. Places of Entertainment
Discernment in the Matter of Amusements
8. Counsel for Witnessing Christians
And a Word of Encouragement
9. The Sparrow and the Swallow
Safety for Seeking Souls
10. Is the Lord With Us?
A Call to Attend the Prayer Meeting
11. A Woman Named Damaris
Immense Significance for the Obscure

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