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[Romanian] The Healing Epidemic

[Romanian] The Healing Epidemic

This very popular book answers charismatic claims and arguments, showing that sign-gifts have ceased. It includes chapters on demons; on how James 5 should be honoured; on the Bible's insistence that the mind should always be `switched on' in worship, and on medical aspects of divine healing.

Table of Contents

The Healing Epidemic
1. A New Scene

2. Occult Healing Builds the World's Larges Church
The influence of Paul Yonggi Cho

3. East Winds Blow West
John Wimber's campaign for occult-style healing

4. The Texts Say No!
Answering the pro-healing arguments

5. Demons, Demons Everywhere
Where the new 'demonology' goes wrong

6. Demons Cannot Occupy At Will
Six scriptural reasons

7. Proving the Gifts Have Ceased
Bible statements on revelatory and sign gifts

8. Implementing James 5
Directions for divine healing which charismatics ignore

9. Imagineering
The new wave of mind and memory healing

10. The Law of a Sound Mind
NT words insist on an alert, rational mind

11. A Medical View of Miraculous Healing - by Professor Verna Wright 

UK £4.95

211 pages, paperback  |   ISBN: 978 973 8448 92 6

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