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[Romanian] The Charismatic Phenomenon

[Romanian] The Charismatic Phenomenon

The two authors present the true purpose of apostolic sign-miracles and show that they were quite different from those claimed today. What was the purpose of these gifts in New Testament times? Were they intended to be permanent? Clear answers are given.
Table of Contents 
1. The Longing for Signs and Wonders
2. Testing Today's Miracles
3. What Are the Greater Works?
4. Today's Gifts Are Not the Same
5. The Purpose of the Gifts Has Changed
6. Is the Word of God Complete?
7. Tongues Were Never for Personal Benefit
8. Should We Personally Seek the Gifts?
9. Bypassing the Mind and the Word
10. Is the Holy Spirit In It?
11. What About the Signs of Mark 16?
12. Is Paul's Command Still Binding
13. Why Should False Gifts Detract from the True?
14. Why Not Return to Early Church Life?
15. Does God Heal Today?
16. Surely We Must Exorcise Demons?
17. If Preaching Is Inspired, Why Not Prophecy?
18. Do Not the Gifts Stay Until Christ Comes?
19. What About Tongues in Personal Devotion
20. Conclusion - Snares of Satan

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114 pages, paperback  |   ISBN: 978973 8448 91 9

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