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[Romanian] Not Like Any Other Book

[Romanian] Not Like Any Other Book

A new approach to interpretation has gripped many evangelical seminaries and Bible colleges, an approach based on the ideas of unbelieving critics. This reveals what is happening, providing examples of right and wrong interpretation, and showing that the Bible includes its own rules of interpretation, and we should know what these are.

Table of Contents
1. A Silent Revolution
2. Danger Beneath the Surface
3. The Wholly-Human Bible
Only the human author's intended meaning allowed
4. The Super-Simplified Bible
Single sense only
5. The Blind-Date Bible
No presuppositions or expectations
6. The Fragmented Bible
No subsequent test or doctrine may be used to explain a passage
7. The Strictly-Scientific Bible
No allegorising or spiritualising
8. The Add-on Application Bible
Applying from the text's literal meaning alone
9. What the Reformers Really Said
Calvin on types and parallels
10. Are All Parables and Miracles Gracious?
Do they present the Gospel message?
11. Positive Steps of Interpretation
With example of classic wrong-turnings
12. Is the Bible Always Binding for Today?
How to distinguish temporary from permanent duties
13. Sticking Up for the Judges
A glorious range of heroes denigrated
14. The Enigma of Samson
A later text solves the problem
15. Epilogue

Appendix I: Twenty-One Steps for Message Preparation
Appendix II: The Closing Chapters of Judges

UK £5.00

173 pages, paperback  |   ISBN: 978 606 8247 16 8

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