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[Portuguese] Worship in the Melting Pot

[Portuguese] Worship in the Melting Pot

New trends in worship have shaken traditional concepts and attitudes, giving rise to much heart-searching and a flurry of books. Is it all just a matter of generation and taste? Are the traditions of today only the innovations of yesterday?

This lively and clearly reasoned book focuses on four crucial principles of worship laid down by Christ and strongly re-affirmed at the Reformation. These central pillars are rapidly passing out of sight today, yet it is surely by these that all new ideas should be assessed.

Here also is a fascinating view of how they worshipped in Bible times, including the Old Testament rules for the use of instruments, and New Testament light on all the elements of worship normative for today.

UK £5.50

151 pages, paperback  |   ISBN: 9788599145326

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