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[Korean] The Personal Spiritual Life

[Korean] The Personal Spiritual Life

This is a new Korean translation produced by Word of Life Press, Seoul.

From the personal indwelling of the Holy Spirit to living a life of commitment these chapters stir and encourage readers to advance spiritually.

In what sense may we ‘feel’ the presence of the Lord? What was the apostle Paul’s method for progress in holiness? How may we identify our spiritual gifts? And how may we count more for the Lord, and sustain spiritual joy? These are among the themes of this tonic for present-day disciples of Christ.

‘Readers will find this new book by Dr Masters a practical and excellent way to spur them on in their desire to serve the Lord wholeheartedly... This book is easy to read but the opposite of shallow. The chapter on “Feeling the Presence of the Lord” is the first we have read that so carefully explains the blessing and purpose of God as being near to us by faith.’ 

UK £6.00

222 pages, paperback  |   ISBN: 9788904164967

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