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[Korean] Nearly a Christian

[Korean] Nearly a Christian

This is a new Korean translation produced by Word of Life Press, Seoul of Wakeman Trust's updated edition of "Around the Wicket Gate".

Over the last 120 years this book has helped countless people come to know the Lord. Many have found it has helped them untangle the problems that prevented them trusting Christ and turning to him in true repentance.

Spurgeon’s deep pastoral experience of the difficulties seekers encounter, enabled him to address numerous obstacles on the pathway to faith. It is for those, both young and old, who have been challenged by the Gospel and yet have not found themselves able to yield to Christ.

As Spurgeon wrote when he launched this treasure trove of spiritual help – ‘My reader, if God blesses this book to you, do the writer this favour – either lend your own copy to someone else who is lingering at the gate, or buy another and give it away; for his great desire is that this book should be of help to many thousands of souls.’

UK £6.50

135 pages, paperback  |   ISBN: 9788904165193

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