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[Chinese simplified script] The Faith

[Chinese simplified script] The Faith

This is a popular, non-technical sweep through key themes of the Christian faith, highlighting very many inspiring and enlivening points. It often takes an oblique and unusual approach to a topic in order to bring out the full wonder and significance.
It is designed to be enjoyed by seasoned Christians, and also by all who want to explore the great features of the faith, and discover the life of the soul. (This is a new translation in simplified Chinese script).

Table of Contents
1. The Mysterious Nature of a Soul
2. God's Exclusive Attributes
3. The Reflected Attributes of God - Power - Knowledge - Wisdom - Truth
4. The Reflected Attributes of God - Goodness - Love - Holiness - Justice
5. The Fall of Man
6. The Three Dark Hours of Calvary
7. The New Birth
8. Why the Resurrection?
9. Prophecies of the Resurrection
10. The Holy Trinity

UK £7.50

128 pages, paperback  |   ISBN: 978 99981 42 04 6

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