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[Chinese simplified script] Men of Purpose

[Chinese simplified script] Men of Purpose

A companion volume to 'Men of Destiny'. Eleven well-loved lives and testimonies including pioneer scientists Faraday, Clerk Maxwell and Lord Kelvin, along with food magnate Henry Heinz, ex-brewery heir Fred Charrington and others. (This is a new translation in simplified Chinese script).
1. The Dawn of Electricity - Michael Faraday
2. Founder of a Food Empire - Henry J, Heinz
3. A Composer's Journey - Felix Mendelssohn
4. The 'Lord Apostol' - Lord Radstock
5. Genius at Work - James Clerk Maxwell
6. The Heart of a Hymnwriter - Philip P. Bliss
7. Brewer who Renounced a Fortune - Fred Charrington
8. Spearhead into the Unknown - Lord Kelvin
9. The Prodigal Poet - James Montgomery
10. Pioneer of Power - Sir John Ambrose Fleming
11. The Father of Modern Journalism - Daniel Defoe

UK £7.50

191 pages, paperback  |   ISBN: 978 7 5108 2458 6

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