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[Chinese simplified script] Men of Destiny

[Chinese simplified script] Men of Destiny

Fourteen outstanding lives with testimonies to the saving grace of God. Includes a tsar, an Antarctic explorer, the discoverer of chloroform and historical figures from Alfred the Great to General Dobbie of Malta. Highly suitable as a gift to unconverted friends and to enrich sermons and Bible Class messages. (This is a new translation in simplified Chinese script).

1. The Tsar who Crushed Napoleon - Tsar Alexander Pavlovich
2. Bowers of the Antartic - Lieut 'Birdie' Bowers
3. Discovery of Chloroform - Sir James simpson
4. The World's Most Notorious Counterfeiter - Alves Reis
5. The Story of 'Fiddler Joss' - Joshua Poole
6. Leader of the Lords - Viscount Alexander of Hillsborough
7. Salior, Deserter, Slave-Trader - John Newton
8. The Man Behind the Red Cross - Jean Henri Dunant
9. Dawn Breaks over Europe - Martin Luther
10. Burned at the Stake - Bilney, Tyndale and Latimer
11. The Making of a King - Alfred the Great
12. Hero of Malta - Lieut-General Sir William Dobbie

UK £7.50

184 pages, paperback  |   ISBN: 978 1 908919 29 8

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