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*The Bible on the Life Hereafter

*The Bible on the Life Hereafter

*Available only from the publisher or Tabernacle Bookshop at RRP. The very best short book on the afterlife, Heaven, the Lord’s return, and all related issues. It consists of numerous three or four-page chapters, each answering a common question such as, ‘Shall we know one another in Heaven?’ and, ‘What is the millennium?’ It is ideal also for giving to bereaved Christians.

Included is the most superb explanation of Revelation 20 to be found. This is a ‘model’ in communication from a master of the craft!

[Dr William Hendriksen (1900-1982) served many years as a pastor and semin­ary professor, and is the author of one of the best-known series of NT commentaries.]

UK £10.00

222, paperback  |   ISBN: 978 1 870855 51 8

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