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*Reformed Dogmatics

*Reformed Dogmatics

*Available only from the publisher or Tabernacle Bookshop at RRP. Truly vital for ministers and lovers of doctrine. This renowned collection of the writings of the key Reformers of the 16th century and the scholarship of the 17th was first issued by Heppe, a German Reformed theologian and historian, in 1861. It was first issued in this English translation by G T Thomson in 1950.

This will give the possessor erudition which would take a lifetime to acquire. 'All the written sources I could lay hands on,' wrote Heppe, 'I have carefully researched and compared, in order to transmit the thought brought to light by the representatives of Reformed orthoxody.'

New cloth edition, July 2010

UK £17.95

721 pages, cloth  |   ISBN: 978 870855 29 7

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