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*Joseph the Prime Minister

*Joseph the Prime Minister

 *Available only from the publisher or Tabernacle Bookshop at RRP. This famous work was expanded from weeknight addresses at the Brooklyn Tabernacle (in the 1880s), by their Scottish pastor. It is presented as a reading book – and a very good one – rather than a commentary, but it is so full of interesting information and application that it constitutes an excellent commentary. In his application the author bears in mind young adults, which is unusual and  valuable in such a work.
The author also mines a different seam than Lawson’s classic work and others who properly emphasise Joseph as a type of Christ, looking more at his own character and spiritual life. This therefore provides another dimension of help, and also considerable ‘local’ social colour. An excellent addition to the Joseph library from one of Spurgeon’s commended authors.

UK £9.95

240 pages, cloth  |   ISBN: 978 1 870855 81 5

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