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*Gleanings in Joshua

*Gleanings in Joshua

 *Available only from the publisher or Tabernacle Bookshop at RRP. A W Pink (1886-1952) has come to be regarded as one of the giants of expository writing. His printed ministry began in 1922 with a small-circulation magazine, Studies in the Scriptures. After his death these studies were issued as books by major Christian publishers, becoming immensely popular both with preachers and devotional readers.

Having held a number of pastorates, A W Pink possessed a powerful grasp of pastoral writing. All his works reflect his deep understanding of the operation of Scripture and the hermeneutical science of the Puritans. His sympathetic handling of characters and events, and his surefooted skill in applying the spiritual ‘parallels’ of Old Testament history, yield more observations and applications per page than all other modern commentaries. He gleans not only from the Bible, but from the very best of the old divines.

The Gleanings volumes have all been reprinted many times. They continue to be of inestimable value to preachers and other message-preparers. They also provide the very best personal devotional reading.

[In the same series, The Life of David by A W Pink will be available in two volumes later this year.]

UK £12.95

522 pages, cloth  |   ISBN: 978 1 870855 74 7

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