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*A Help to the Study of the Holy Spirit

*A Help to the Study of the Holy Spirit

*Available only from the publisher or Tabernacle Bookshop at RRP. This brilliant volume does all the biblical spadework for the reader, assembling all the references to the baptism, filling and sealing of the Spirit, and explaining what they mean. It deals also with Holy-Spirit-related terms such as anointing and communion, as well as the emblems of the Spirit, and resisting, grieving or quenching the Spirit. It is for all lovers of the Word, but is a message-preparer’s delight.

W E Biederwolf (1867-1939) issued this in 1903 to counteract the many confusing statements about the Holy Spirit being made by popular preachers (such as Andrew Murray). In today’s charismatic climate it is more needed than ever.

The author was a Princeton Seminary educated American who served as a pastor, army chaplain and evangelist.

Table of Contents
1. The Name of the Spirit
2. The Advent of the Spirit
3. The Personality of the Spirit
4. The Deity of the Spirit
5. The Sealing of the Spirit
6. The Anointing of the Spirit
7. The Communion of the Spirit
8. The Fruit of the Spirit
9. The Baptism of the Spirit
10. The Filling of the Spirit
11. The Intercession of the Spirit
12. The Emblems of the Spirit
Fire, Wind, Water,Seal,Oil,Dove
13. The Resistance of the Spirit
Resisting the Spirit
Grieving the Spirit
Quenching the Spirit
Tempting the Spirit
Defiling the Temple of the spirit
Despising the Spirit
Blaspheming the Spirit

UK £7.95

221 pages, paperback  |   ISBN: 978 1 870855 80 8

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