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The Power of Prayer Meetings

The Power of Prayer Meetings

Why does the Lord want believers to pray together? Is this a biblical duty, or is it optional? What difference does it make whether we pray privately or as a company? Will an undersized prayer meeting really blight the work of a church? What form should the prayer meeting ideally take? And what should be the style and content of prayer?

Dr Masters answers these and many other questions in this booklet. He shows that corporate prayer in prayer meetings was commanded by Christ and given a unique promise of effectiveness. The early church (in Acts) obeyed, and the power of God came down on their witness.

Here is a wealth of practical advice on the best use of the prayer time. The author believes that both men and women should contribute in corporate prayer, and shows in an appendix why this is so.

UK £1.00  |  USA $1.75

26 pages, booklet  |   ISBN: 978 1 899046 10 2

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