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The Goal of Brotherly Love

The Goal of Brotherly Love

Brotherly love ‘is something far higher and deeper than church rambles and other organised friendship activities, useful as these may be,’ writes the author. The great goal is philadelphia love, a New Testament term indicating ‘a depth and tenacity of love equal to the love of a blood tie’.
Why is such a strong term used? What is the scope of mutual affection and loyalty, required in Scripture? When does love become inappropriate – even a vice? What obstructs and hinders brotherly love? And what are the steps we must take in order to promote and preserve it?
Here is an illuminating and searching treatment of a topic vital to the holiness and happiness of all Christians and churches.

UK £1.00  |  USA $1.75

25 pages, booklet  |   ISBN: 978 1 899046 07 2

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