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Joshua's Conquest

Joshua's Conquest by Dr Peter Masters is a book for reading, rather than a commentary, but in order to relate the material to the Book of Joshua, chapter and verse references are shown throughout.

Not all of Joshua is covered (such as the allocation of the land) and little attention is given to the geography of the battles, because Dr Masters' aim is to bring out the spiritual message for today, and to explain the 'problem' portions and passages which evoke questions on, for example, the morality of so much killing, and the apparent responsibility of God in hardening the hearts of the Canaanites.

In Joshua's Conquest Joshua himself is not extolled as a great general (though he certainly was) because he was guided throughout the Conquest by the 'Captain of the Lord's host', Who both planned and gave the victory as the Israelites obeyed and trusted Him.

Writes Dr Peter Masters - 'Rooted and grounded in love for the Lord, Joshua was utterly faithful, wonderfully stable, and scrupulously obedient. The book of the Bible that bears his name is a magnificent anthology of events to challenge and inspire God's children in every age.'

UK £5.95  |  USA $9.99

119 pages, paperback  |   ISBN: 978 1 870855 46 4

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