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Classic Counsels

Classic Counsels

These choice messages cover aspects of personal spiritual experience together with Christian responsibilities, in Spurgeon's distinctively compelling and uplifting style.

Topics include:

  • Obtaining assurance.
  • Help for doubting seekers.
  • Encouraging outsiders and advising seekers.
  • Relief for the downcast believer.
  • How converts are sustained.
  • Mature faith, and how it is reached.
  • The Christian and places of entertainment.
  • Counsel for witnessing.
  • Christians Safety for seeking souls.
  • A call to prayer meetings.
  • The immense significance of a believer.

Selected from sermons and shorter addresses, some given to the Tabernacle Prayer Meeting, these edited messages have been slightly abridged, and punctuation has been modernised.

UK £5.95  |  USA $9.99

126 pages, paperback  |   ISBN: 978 1 870855 42 6

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