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Wonders of Grace

Wonders of Grace

Drawn from the early years of Spurgeon’s remarkable London ministry, these 138 testimonies of conversion form part of an archive of some 15,000 such accounts at the Metropolitan Tabernacle. Here is a powerful reaffirmation of the transforming power of the Gospel in individual lives. Also provides insights into the signs of conversion looked for by the elders, and the questions put to converts.

Here too is a fascinating glimpse into life in Victorian London, with accounts of servants, crossing sweepers, hatters and factory workers, artisans and middle class converts, brimming with social interest.

llustrated with facsimile pages of notes by C H Spurgeon and elders, and photographs of London life at that time.

UK £8.95  |  USA $11.99

141 pages  |   ISBN: 978 1 908919 74 8

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