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Men of Purpose

Men of Purpose

A book to enrich the programme and devotions of homeschoolers, and a challenge and inspiration for young people for over 30 years. With many illustrations, it presents the lives of pioneer scientists along with historical and unique figures, each providing a powerful testimony to the saving grace of God. Here is an insight into the experiences and achievements of outstanding Christians and their times. Strongly recommended by the late Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones. And for the preacher, youth leader or Sunday School teacher, here is a collection of 11 outstanding testimonies to illustrate and enrich messages for years to come.

The Dawn of Electricity - Michael Faraday
The Founder of a Food Empire - Henry J Heinz
A Composer's Journey - Felix Mendelssohn
The 'Lord Apostol' - Lord Radstock
Genius at Work - James Clerk Maxwell
The Heart of a Hymnwriter - Philip P Bliss
Brewer who Renounced a Fortune - Fred Charrington
Spearhead into the Unknown - Lord Kelvin
The Prodigal Poet - James Montgomery
Pioneer of Power - Sir John Ambrose Fleming
Island of Despair -
Daniel Defoe

UK £8.95  |  USA $11.99

157 pages, paperback, illustrated  |   ISBN: 978 1 870855 41 9

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