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Worship or Entertainment?

Peter Masters

Where will your church be five or ten years from now? – asks the author. With the adoption of contemporary music worship many have already changed beyond recognition. Yet more will do so.

Here are four essential principles which Jesus Christ laid down for worship, and by which every new idea must be judged.

Here also is a fascinating view of how they worshipped in Bible times, including their rules for the use of instruments, and the question is answered – What does the Bible teach about the content and order of a service of worship today?

[A revised and condensed edition of Worship in the Melting Pot.]

1    Is it Worship or Entertainment?
2    Three Broken Principles:
      I – Spiritual or Aesthetic Worship?
3    II – Rational or Ecstatic Worship?
4    III – Sacred or Profane Worship?
5    Let the Lord Define Worship
6    Brass, Strings and Percussion?
7    Services of Worship in the Bible
8    What Really Happened at Corinth?
9    Why Raise Hands?
10  Why Sing Hymns?
11  Seven Standards for Worthy Hymns
12  Reverence Begins in the Place of Worship
13  Forfeiting the Soul of Evangelicalism
Appendix: More on Biblical Musical Instruments

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