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*George Whitefield

Arnold Dallimore

 *Available only from the publisher or Tabernacle Bookshop at RRP. This outstanding work is now back in print and we would encourage all customers to consider it for their own reading and as a gift to others. Dr Dallimore is beyond doubt the leading modern authority on the life of Whitefield. He writes with a full command of his subject, and also with great warmth. This is the condensed edition of his renowned two-volume work.

Whitefield was for many years at the centre of the events of the 18th-century revival. This book therefore provides a marvellous overview of those events and also portrays most of the other personalities, both the well-known and the not so well-known. This is a most manageable, stirring and rewarding narrative of an outstanding life and mighty spiritual blessing.

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Book news

Five new titles have recently been added to the Wakeman Classics series. These include
the superb single volume life of George Whitefield featured above, the classic work on the Holy Spirit by W E Biederwolf and three titles by A W Pink in his “Gleanings” series. His renowned Life of David will be issued later this year in two volumes. For the complete range of titles in this series please see Wakeman Classics.

Four new titles are also available in Spanish. Please see - other language publications.



All titles are available from Tabernacle Bookshop

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