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God's Love for Muslims

Ibrahim Ag Mohamed

This enlightening manual on reaching Muslims for Christ is presented in three sections: The Muslim Faith, What Muslims Believe about the Christian Faith, and How to Help Muslims.

Full of vital information, it is at the same time a real 'page-turner'. Here is a wealth of counsel from a pastor with many years of experience preaching and broadcasting in a Muslim land. It will greatly equip readers for effective witness.

Ibrahim Ag Mohamed is Assistant Pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle in central London.

Table of Contents
Part 1: The Muslim Faith
What Do Muslims Believe?
What Do Muslims Practise?

Part 2: What Muslims Believe About the Christian Faith
Salvation - What Muslims Think
The Trinity - The Muslim Dilemma
The Person of the Lord Jesus Christ: Approved but Misunderstood
The Title 'Son of God' - The Great Confusion
Christ's Death on the Cross: Fact or Fiction?
The Scriptures - The Great Misconception
Was Muhammad Foretold in the Bible?
Allah - Is He the Same as God?

Part 3: How to Help Muslims

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